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Street Dancing

Street dancing is like what you used to see the background dancers doing on top of the pops. Street dancing is a popular modern form of dancing with co-ordinated routines similar to those in pop videos.

Street dancing is different to traditional forms of dancing because many of the moves originate from modern music styles such as hip hop. Street Dancing is a fun and 'cool' way for you children to partake in fabulous exercise, achieve goals outside of school, and meet new friends. Street dancing is a lot different than formally taught dances. Street dancing is a field that is driven by respect, power and money.

Street Dancing is the hip-hop dance style that you see in all the music videos nowadays and itís a great way to keep fit, learn to dance and enjoy yourself all at the same time. For these people street dancing is a way of releasing their frustrations and creative energy in a non violent way. Besides being a fun way to spend their free time street dancing is gaining acceptance as yet another form of beautiful and vibrant dancing.

Dance instructor Ivy Meyer, who has about 100 students aged between six and 23 in her hip-hop street dance discipline, explains: "Street dancing is like dancing to hip-hop and R&B tunes in a club, but it's more choreographed and showy. In America where this style of dance was born, Street Dancing is called 'Hip Hop' or 'Urban Dance'. "Street Dancing is huge in the UK, but there aren't enough opportunities for dance crews to gain experience and exposure.

Street dancers are in general young men and women who live in urban areas where they have difficulties in finding dance studios. Street Dance as it is called in Western society originally came from the form of dancing called 'Break Dancing'.

In street dancing the people take the aspects of different genres of dancing and combine those moves into a style that reflects their personality and background.